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Our series 'Vintage Britain' is dedicated to rediscovering the best photographs taken in Britain during the mid to late 20th century.

You will receive a copy of each of the following:

Book 1: The East End in Colour 1960-1980 by David Granick

One of our best-selling books. These previously unpublished photographs by David Granick capture the streets and waterways of London’s East End in the warm hues of Kodachrome film. Journey back in time to a place now long vanished.

Book 2: The Isle of Dogs: Before the big money by Mike Seaborne

Now home to Canary Wharf and global finance, the Isle of Dogs was once the beating heart of industrial East London. These photographs, taken between 1982 and 1987, show the island just before the big money moved in and the area was forever transformed.

Book 3: Dog Show 1961-1978 by Shirley Baker

When Shirley Baker began taking photographs at dog shows in the 1960s the hairdos of the owners were more impressive than those of their groomed canines. Not only a fascinating portrait of the phenomenon, Dog Show also captures the tender, amusing and at times obsessive relationship between humans and their dogs.

Book 4: Paradise Street: The lost art of playing outside by various photographers

For children growing up in Britain fifty or more years ago, streets and alleyways were playgrounds of curiosity and adventure. Nowadays, tempted by technology or restricted from being alone outside, ‘playing out’ is no longer the norm. These images from leading street photographers form a joyful, nostalgic record of past freedoms.

Book 5: The East End in Colour 1980-1990 by Tim Brown

This second volume by a different photographer, Tim Brown, picks up the story in 1980 as East London enters an extraordinary decade of transformation. Focusing on the Docklands and the further reaches of the East End, Tim took these pictures on 35mm film between shifts of driving trains on London Underground's Central Line.

Book 6: London Underground 1970-1980 by Mike Goldwater

Back in the 1970s, when it was still acceptable to talk, kiss and even smoke on the London Underground, Mike Goldwater spent years documenting chance moments of intimacy and humour across this iconic network of tunnels that live beneath the capital.

Book 7: Hackney Archive by Neil Martinson

East London in the 70s was raw and vivid: bombed-out houses, kids playing in the streets, factories abuzz with workers. These images take us on a journey through workshops, street markets and council homes to capture a time and place before technology and gentrification changed local lives forever.

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