ANY 3 COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS: East London Series - save 50%


Save 50% or more when you buy this bundle. Standard price of each book between £45 - £50. Price if bought separately £145 - £150.

All collector's editions are signed and numbered, either in editions of 150 or 250 and come with a signed and numbered print and clamshell box.

Choose any 3 editions from the drop down menus above (duplicates allowed):

Book 2: 'East London Swimmers' by Madeleine Waller 
Book 3: 'A Portrait of Hackney' by Zed Nelson
Book 5: 'One Day Young in Hackney' by Jenny Lewis
Book 6: 'Drivers in the 1980s' by Chris Dorley Brown
Book 8: 'Lost in the City' by Nicholas Sack
Book 9: 'Hackney by Night' by David George
Book 10: 'Sunday Football' by Chris Baker
Book 11: 'Along the Hackney Canal' by Freya Najade
Book 12: 'Adventures in the Lea Valley' by Polly Braden and David Campany
Book 13: 'Dalston in the 80s' by Andrew Holligan
Book 14: 'The Crash' by Stephen McLaren

Please note that the Collector's Editions of Book 1 (I've Lived in East London for 86.5 Years) and Book 4 (Shoreditch Wild Life) and Book 7 (Columbia Road) are now sold out. 

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