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Hackney Marshes
Freya Najade takes us on a journey through the uncontainable wildness of the Hackney Marshes; an explosion of nature in the heart of the city, where ancient trees and grasslands are overlooked by tower blocks and pylons. Following the meadows and riverbanks, abandoned infrastructure and football pitches, Najade documents the magic of these overgrown spaces and the people who seek refuge there.

An English Summer
An English summer is a precious thing: often short-lived but all the more tender for it. As the country contended with Brexit and Covid, Chanel Irvine traversed our shores documenting the magic of this fleeting season and the small rituals that many of us clung to in uncertain times.

Where Children Sleep
All children need to sleep, but not every child has a bed. Photographer James Mollison has travelled the globe capturing the diverse circumstances in which children sleep. Images and stories combine to create a powerful portrait of the world as it is today.



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