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Ann Martin Hoxton Mini Press
We are an indie publisher from East London. Our goal is to bring art and photography to a wider audience... and to make books so beautiful you’ll collect them for your grandchildren.

That’s all you need to know. 

But if you want more, then here it is: our story is in our name. Hoxton…Mini…Press.

The East London bit is important. We have grown out of a part of Hackney that was – and still is – bursting with diversity, creativity, struggles and solidarity. Our first book was about an old man that was born in the area, had only once left London and dreamed of being a ballet dancer. And it is this place, with all its flaws and contradictions, with its myriad faces and races, that inspired a collection of small photobooks  that, against our expectations, sold rather well. We never intended to start a business, we intended to tell a story about a neighbourhood.

But as we grow and as we do more books about subjects and stories beyond east London we are still informed by this area. We look for that ‘east London-ness’ around the world, where the grit and the glamour intertwine and where we can find the beauty in the fringe.

We have no intention of being BIG. We want to make a small impact (we offset all our book production and plant a tree for every online order), we want to tell small, local and niche stories, and we still like to make small and collectable books. We are a small team of people in a small office with a small dog (Bug) but with a BIG love of books.

We started Hoxton Mini Press at a time many said, ‘Print is dead’. That inspired us. In an age when everything seems to be going virtual, the book as an object is more important than ever. A book should justify its place on your shelf. And not just on any shelf but on a shelf you are prepared to dust. All too often big art books are aloof and expensive and get covered in the aforementioned dust. We want to make books that both the collector and the non-specialist can enjoy – and that everyone can afford and that, most importantly, remain dust-free.

Martin and Ann, co-founders.

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