The HMP Forest

Our Green Promise

We love making beautiful books – and truly believe in their importance as special, uplifting objects – but we know that the paper we use, though always FSC-certified, still comes from trees being cut down. It’s a tricky one. We believe it’s our responsibility to try and give back what we take, so we’re setting out some steps to redress the balance:  

You place an order, we plant a tree

We can’t always match Amazon’s speed and prices, but we can make the experience of shopping online much more enjoyable – and more ethical. We’re working with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order you place on our website, whether it’s ten books or just one; they support Eden Reforestation Projects to restore natural landscapes all around the world. Visit our Hoxton Mini Forest to see what we’ve planted so far, and watch it grow.  

We’re offsetting all our printing

Every time we send a book to print, we estimate the carbon footprint of its materials, production and transport and partner with Stand For Trees to offset it. They help fight tropical deforestation and climate change in some of the world’s most spectacular forests, protecting the communities and wildlife that call them home.  

We want to be carbon NEGATIVE

Why just be carbon neutral? We think we can do better than that.
We’re trying to minimise our carbon footprint, then not just offset it but put back more than we take. We may not be able to afford a full corporate analysis of every supply chain, but we can make an educated best guess what we’re using – then give back extra.


Thanks for your support.  


For more information about the people we work with,
please visit the pages below:

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