Sightseeing From the Saddle
Distance: 9km
Difficulty: Flat and easy to navigate but avoid rush hour
Time: 20–35 minutes
This winding road through central London begins in South Kensington: glide past the Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert before cycling through Kensington Gardens and the verdant Hyde Park. You’ll have to weave around the tourists gathering outside Buckingham Palace before reaching the Houses of Parliament. Make your way along the Thames and watch out for the rising skyline of glass and steel as you head east, past the London Eye, before finally crossing Tower Bridge and into Borough Market, where much-deserved lunch awaits.
How to follow the route
We recommend a free app called  BikeGPX  (no login required). 
Once installed, follow the link below to access the route.
Alternatively you can download the gpx file and use it in a cycling app. 
Ride with GPS and Strava are great but you will need a subscription.
You can also view the route on Google Maps (but this option cannot be used for point-to-point navigation).
Safety tips
Please cycle responsibly: always wear a helmet and remember to account for the distance of the journey. It’s also good to have the map downloaded, in case you lose signal while on the road.

Make sure you can safely attach your phone to your bike – you can find holders online here - and remember to focus on your surroundings as well as the screen.