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Book 3: 'London Youth' by Julian Mahrlein

After the London 2011 riots, young photographer Julian Mährlein set out to capture the faces and voices of inner-city teenagers. The resulting portraits, shot on the streets with natural light, reveal the surprisingly tender side of a generation so often misrepresented and which faces a world in profound flux.

Book 4: 'Urban Dirt Bikers' by Spencer Murphy

Whatever their ride – dirt bikes, quads, mopeds – tearing up tarmac and pulling stunts on industrial estates or city streets is self-expression. In the face of the law and a hostile public, they are united by a passion and a way of life that few outsiders appreciate. Acclaimed photographer Spencer Murphy lifts the lid on London’s most misunderstood subculture, capturing the style and attitude of a movement that is life or death for its followers.

Book 5: 'New York Waterways' by Susannah Ray

New York City is defined by water, yet many of its shorelines are largely unknown. These lyrical photographs, inspired by a Walt Whitman poem, take us on a seasonal journey past sheltered bays, under great bridges and over deep rivers to give us a moving perspective on a megacity we thought we knew so well.

Book 6: 'Botanical' by Samuel Zeller

From Paris to Prague, from Glasgow to Geneva, photographer Samuel Zeller captures the strange beauty of exotic plants seen through the dappled glass of greenhouses. These images reveal a rare serenity found in the heart of each city.

Book 7: 'Berlin Nights' by Christian Reister

Christian Reister's intense, evocative photographs capture the hedonism of Berlin’s nightlife. With compact 35mm camera and monochrome vision, Christian Reister exposes the underground clubs, wild energy and random encounters of a unique city that comes truly alive after dark.

Book 8: 'London's Square Mile: A Secret City' by Polly Braden

Millions pass through the square mile, also known as the City of London, yet few are aware of its true significance. These photographs of people surrounded by the City’s imposing architecture, combined with texts from an acclaimed historian, begin to decode one of the most cryptic and fascinating parts of the capital.

Book 9: 'Urban Gypsies' by Paul Wenham-Clarke

Enter the private world of a group of Travellers living beneath the Westway, London’s vast elevated highway connecting suburbia to the city. Part of a unique culture so often stigmatised in the media, this close-knit community is under increasing pressure to move on and risk losing their identity for good. Here is their story.

*Please note that Book 1, People of London, and Book 2, On the Night Bus, are out of print, so these titles are not included.

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