Collector's Edition + Print: Bubblegum


Collector's Edition of Bubblegum by Emily Stein, limited to 150 copies. Includes a signed and numbered limited edition print.  

Emily Stein's photographs of children blowing bubblegum on beaches around the world are a portrait of the freedom, innocence and joy of youth. The range of facial expressions as the children blow the gum  frustration, excitement, surprise, concentration – tell a story in themselves. 

This is Book 1 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.

Edition numbers allocated from lowest to highest as orders are processed.

To ensure delivery before Christmas, please be advised of the last date we recommend placing your order:  

Canada, USA, Eastern Europe & Rest of World: 4th December

Mainland Europe: 9th December

UK: 19th December (First Class) & 20 December (Next Day)

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