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A set of all twenty of our opinionated pocket guides. This growing series is for people who don’t want more information, they want the right information.

You will receive a copy of each of the following: 

An Opinionated Guide to East London

This is the third edition of our unashamedly biased, deeply opinionated guide to our local area. With 73 suggestions of where to eat, sleep, shop and drink, this pocket-sized companion is the ultimate guide to the ever-changing face of east London, filled with beautiful photography, pithy reviews and a neighbourhood map showing where each place of the places is located. It’s a must for east London locals and first-time visitors alike. 

An Opinionated Guide to London Architecture

An opinionated guide to the most exciting, arresting buildings in the capital. Packed full of original photography, we tell you about the 54 must-see buildings and why you should visit. Whether Classical, Contemporary, Modernist, Brutalist or beyond. If it’s great, it’s in here.

An Opinionated Guide to Vegan London

If you’re reading this, you don’t need us to tell you that vegan food is a good thing. Or that London is a world capital for it. Or that it can taste amazing and isn’t all green or brown. What you need is a pithy, opinionated guide to over 50 of the best, most stylish eateries for vegan deliciousness. Well… here it is.

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces

London is the greatest green city on Earth. Half its area is green spaces, including 3,000 parks. Luckily, you don’t need to know them all. Only these 50. Whether you want walks, beauty, views or picnics, this unashamedly opinionated guide tells you exactly where to go for London’s ultimate green escapes.

An Opinionated Guide to Independent London

In an age of behemoth brands, visiting local independent shops has never been more rewarding – or important. London has an army of small owner-run indies and we’ve picked the very best. From artisan delis to stationery hubs, these shops are champions of friendly service and expert knowledge. Go out, support and enjoy. The book includes 54 shops and is packed with original photography, insider tips and interviews with the owners.

An Opinionated Guide to London Pubs

London is full of awful pubs. That’s why you need to know the great ones. Whether you’re after craft brews, fine dining, cosy corners or sun-drenched beer gardens, you’ll find the very best of them in this pithy, pint-sized guide.

An Opinionated Guide to Sweet London

Whether you’re after decadent doughnuts, an elegant afternoon tea or rich cinnamon swirls, our small but highly opinionated guide will lead you straight to sugar, spice and only the best things nice.

An Opinionated Guide to Kids' London

People think London is awful for kids. Here is a big secret: it’s incredible. Where else can you find 3,000 parks, endless interactive exhibits and a magic garden where Henry VIII once walked? This is a grown-up guide to having serious fun with your little ones.

An Opinionated Guide: Escape London

London is amazing. It’s also amazingly exhausting. If you’re longing to discover wild walks, sample farm-fresh food, soak up some seaside culture or simply breathe cleaner air, this opinionated guide will tell you, in no uncertain terms, the best places to visit just a train ride away from central London. No car necessary.

An Opinionated Guide: Eco London

You may be surprised, but London is one of the world's most sustainable cities. We've got zero-waste bars, carbon neutral gyms and even ethical enchiladas. But that doesn't make it easy to sort the green from the green-washed. If you want to enjoy the city while reducing your impact, this opinionated guide will show you where to go to live the good life. 

An Opinionated Guide: Big Kids' London

London is a great place to tire out fast-growing kids. But it's also full of tacky overpriced outings. This opinionated guide tells you where to go for maximum fun. From pug cafes and puppet barges to speedboats and slime workshops, these places are so bonkers and inspiring, you'll want to be a big kid too. 

An Opinionated Guide: Art London

We all know London is one of the capitals of the art world. But what does that mean for us everyday folk? This opinionated guide brings the scene to life – dusting off museum collections, opening intimidating doors and separating the joyful from the just awful – so you’ll know which masterpieces to visit and where to buy, or even make, your very own.

An Opinionated Guide: Free London

There's more to the capital than overpriced coffee and unaffordable housing. Leave your wallet at home, pick up this guide and have a golden time without spending any silver. From sky-high gardens to riotous gigs, inspiring lectures to roller discos, the activities in this book prove the best things in life (and London) are free. 

An Opinionated Guide: Queer London

If it’s queer, it’s definitely here: culturally and historically, London is one of the premier cities in the world for LGBTQ+ life. With so much on offer, it can be hard to know where to go. This is where we come in.

An Opinionated Guide: London Delis

From family-run independents in Little Italy to locally-sourced newcomers mixing cocktails with a side of charcuterie, this pithy guidebook will explain why delis deliver more (to your stomach and soul) than any supermarket can and take you on a gastronomic tour of the most beautiful, authentic and exciting delis across the city. 

An Opinionated Guide: London Hotels

It’s not hard to find a hotel in London; what’s trickier is finding the super tasteful ones with stellar food that aren’t stuffy. This simple guide tells you the only places you need to know; whether you want a luxury room, a wallet-friendly hideaway, to go for afternoon tea, indulge in a spa or eat the best tacos in town while watching the sun set over the skyline.

An Opinionated Guide: Historic London

History is boring. No, history is alive! And this is your opinionated guide to London's very present past. Whether you want to walk the hidden corridors above St Paul's, shop in London's oldest cigar store, ride the Mail Rail or enjoy artisan coffee in an ornate Victorian lavatory, it's time for a new look at the old.

An Opinionated Guide: Margate

Margate's tide has turned. Once seen as a faded seaside town, it is now a vibrant harbour of creativity. Whether you're into modern art, indie boutiques, natural wine or just want to stuff your face with fish and chips and flog into the sea, it's time to explore this revitalised dreamland.

An Opinionated Guide: Brighton

Long considered England's favourite seaside getaway, Brighton is now more brilliant than ever before. This pithy guide will tell you everything you need to know (and nothing you don't) so you can avoid the tourist traps and find the best of the city, from exceptional coffee and sustainable restaurants to perfect cliffside walks and proper pubs.

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