The Hackney Marshes

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'The Hackney Marshes' by Freya Najade, 96pp, cloth bound cover, 237mm x 285mm. With an introduction by Rosalind Jana.

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Freya Najade takes us on a journey through the uncontainable wildness of the Hackney Marshes; an explosion of nature in the heart of the city, where ancient trees and grasslands are overlooked by tower blocks and pylons. Following the meadows and riverbanks, abandoned infrastructure and football pitches, Najade documents the magic of these overgrown spaces and the people who seek refuge there.

Freya Najade is a photographer living and working in London and Hamburg. Freya’s work has been exhibited internationally and published widely in The Guardian, Le Monde and the British Journal of Photography, among others. Freya is the also the author of Along the Hackney Canal, published by Hoxton Mini Press in 2016.


Book design by Friederike Huber.

This book is carbon neutral. This is the first edition.

ISBN: 978-1-914314-26-1

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