Smoke & Mirrors

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This is the second book in collaboration with Penguin. Written by Adam Hay-Nicholls.


A groundbreaking book of car photography, revealing the car's unique role in our culture

Car photography often evokes the same recycled tropes. Predictably slick, hi-spec images on the front pages of glossy magazines, or huge blow-ups on giant billboards which have one designed aim: to sell a lifestyle. But our relationship with cars is so much more meaningful than these images might suggest. Like the camera, the car has changed the way we explore the world. With cars came road trips, and with road trips came some of the most important photographic documentaries of our time. A car is a vehicle not just for transport but for our hopes, desires and dreams.

In Smoke & Mirrors, a selection of world-renowned and up-and-coming photographers come together to pay tribute to the car. From Nick Turpin's images of 'donut' skid marks, Todd Hido's painterly landscapes taken through wet windscreens and William Green's shots of sleeping Tokyo taxi drivers, these photographs display cars at their most playful, introspective and meaningful, reminding us that there is more to them than just metal and machinery - for cars are emotionally intertwined with the lives we live.

240pp hardback, 195 x 253mm. 

Adam Hay-Nicholls
is a writer and media consultant specialising in motoring, Formula One racing, culture, travel, luxury and adventure. An editor, visual director and producer who has worked with some of the world's most talented writers, photographers and designers.

This is the first edition.

ISBN: 9781846149443


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