Tales from the city

We're excited. We have a new series.
'Tales from the City' will showcase the best
in urban photography... from around the world.
Local stories but from many places.

But those three books are from London, aren't they?

Because we are so steeped in our area the series
will start with books about London (that's ANY bit of London) and
then expand. New York... Berlin... Sao Paolo... who knows?

Peter Zelewski

Peter Zelewski spent over five years taking photographs
of strangers throughout the city. With 100 powerful portraits,
many accompanied by intimate quotes, this is a celebration
of the diversity and spirit of one of the world's most dynamic cities.
Order Book 1: People of London

Order Collector's Edition 1: People of London

Nick Turpin

Acclaimed street photographer Nick Turpin
has captured painterly portraits of London commuters
on buses at night. The images, shot through steamed
windows during the winter months, show passengers
in various states of slumber, conversation or thought.
With an introduction by Will Self.

Order Book 2: On the Night Bus
Order Collector's Edition 2: On the Night Bus

(Book 3: 'London Youth' by Julian Mährlein
is available spring '17. More to come...)

What else?

The books are 20% larger than our grey-spined series.
This allows more room for photography in both
portrait and landscape format. Nice.

The cloth wraps all the way around the back
(nice) and the insides will use coated or
uncoated according to subject matter.

The price will start from £16.95 to reflect
the new size (and to stop us from going under).

What about the collector's editions?

Each title will also come as a collector's edition
(handmade in London, cloth-covered,
GF Smith-lined, kissed by monks etc.)
but limited to only 100 copies (+ 10AP).

Editions 1-50: £75
Editions 51-75: £100
Editions 76-100: £150

So a bigger print?

Yep. Still on Hahnemuhle (a fancy German paper)
signed and numbered by the artist. Like this below -
as seen in Peter Zelewski's 'People of London' (and the
National Portrait Gallery). Get them while you can.

Order Collector's Edition 1: People of London
Order Collector's Edition 2: On the Night Bus

What about your East London thing?

This series stays true to our brand. 
Each book will contain local, niche
stories with blindingly wonderful images by
both rising and established talent. 

But with so many great projects out there 
we just had to look for bits of East London
from around the world. Small stories, big impact.

And, yes, we'll still make books 
dedicated to just Hackney. And we
still walk our dogs in London Fields. 
(Around 10:30am. We work in media)

Ann and Martin